Workouts are kicking my butt

Just wanted to chime in on the blog and give myself a pat on my own back. I think this is the first time I have ever worked out like I have for 5 straight days. I mean I’ve done the whole elliptical thing and I’ve done walking. This time around I really want to give it my all. Something has lit a fire under my ass and I think it was the rejection of EMWLE3.

I’m a little angry and that fuels me in my workouts. I alternate every day between lifting and then doing a 30 min Aerobics set. I feel great. I’m not bored an I really like what I’m doing. The lifting is gradual and will increase as time goes on and the aerobics is a 3 level set and I’m currently doing level 2 and some of the things I do the modified version. I’m not bored and when I’m done I’m sore but a good sore.

I’m going to keep  this up. 6 days a week with an off day on Sunday to relax and recharge for the next week

I have to be honest and say that I’m working myself pretty hard. It funny because on the days of lifting weights I have a lower PE level than when I’m doing the Aerobics…lol  More like a 15/16 it really kicks my ass.

Well I know my first weigh in is tomorrow and I will post the results. I know my body is changing I can already feel it. If the scale doesn’t say the same I’m not going to be discouraged. Everything that I have read about the program I’m doing and in the proof is you gotta give it a good 2/3 weeks before throwing in the towel and moving onto something else.

Trust me I’ll defiantly take inches if there’s no pounds lost, it’s all about moving stuff around and body composition. I’m ok with all that. There’s been a lot of times in the past where I would give up if the scale didn’t move. I was too focused on the number. Reading and educating myself has taught me that losing weight has a lot of different ways of showing you.

How hard are you pushing yourself in the gym or your workouts at home?



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  1. Congrats on getting back at it, I too am refocused and kicking I again. Good luck tomorrow with the weigh-in!
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  2. i’m about to start pushing even harder, did the math for the contest at work and if I drop 15 pounds in the final 3 weeks, I think I can pass the leader who’s been in first since week 2. Worst case if I come close, 2nd and 3rd money is better than the 4th or 5th I’m currently in line to get. So it’s about to be 45 min twice a day for 3 weeks and see what happens.

    • Yeah my work did a biggest loser type challenge. I didn’t enter because I would never win when it comes down to body %. I’d have to pull DD every week and be on the biggest loser ranch.

      • yeah, to be leading ours right now 10 weeks in, you’d have to have lost 59.16 in 9 weeks (6.6 per) I’ve got a game plan for my final 3 weeks that if I can accomplish I’ll get close to my goal of 15 in the final 3, but it’s going to take some determination on my part exercise wise to hit the 7k calories burned each week. Hopefully none of my basketball days get cancelled the next 3 weeks, always makes it easier when I can go burn 1200+ having actual fun
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