Why I’m Getting Rid Of The Weight

  • I don’t tie my shoes every day.  I tie them ahead of time and just slip them on.  I need to lift my foot up on a chair or bench to tie my shoe.
  • I can’t fit in restaurant booths.  It sucks having to meet friends or family for dinner and telling them to get a table and not a booth, or not being able to enjoy some restaurants because they only have booths.
  • I try to avoid chairs with arms if possible.  If not I sit at the edge of them because I can’t fit.  I also try to avoid plastic patio chairs at all costs. I’ve been known to break my share of them.
  • My wife & daughter.  They’re worth every bit of this.
  • As honest as I can be: A better sex life with my wife. Being a big guy does limit things
  • Wear a suit.  When I was little I was all about dressing up, now days I’d rather skip the event then have to try to find something nice.  What looks nice on a 500lb man?
  • Overall better quality of life.
  • I want to play softball on our company’s softball team.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I picked up a bat or thrown a baseball/softball.  Pretty Pathetic.
  • Not use a seat-belt extender. I have used one since 97 and for all my friends out there that’s why I always wanted to drive whenever we went somewhere, I was more comfortable.
  • Not have to buy my clothes at Casual Male or out of a catalog. Honestly the only memory I have shopping for clothes was back in 7/8 grade with my mom at JC Penny.
  • Because I have run out of excuses and the more of them I make the more I’m just letting myself die sooner than I’m supposed to.

This is a short list of 10 Things and I will be adding more to my reasons for losing weight.

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