Personal Trainer Food Month 2

Personal Trainer Food Month 2 

I’m proud and ecstatic to let everyone know that Personal Trainer Food is sponsoring me again for a 2nd month of their weight loss program. This company is truly amazing, class act and weight loss programtruly want to see me succeed. The Program as I’ve stated before just fit me and my busy lifestyle. Always being not he go I don’t have to worry about not eating healthy. Food Prep is simple I just choose what I’m going to eat. Pop it in the microwave and boom! Great tasting food in less than 3 min. I know I sound like a commercial for them but I have to admit if the food sucked or if I got bored eating the food I wouldn’t have even last the first 28 days. I want this relationship to continue with them and as I build success it success for both of us. So stay tuned on my journey as PTF is truly going to be a part of it. I have my first official weigh in on the program on Sunday and I’ll pop in for a quick post to let you all know my results. You’ll want to check in trust me. I’m also going to show a secret on Sunday as well but some of you investigators might find it before then….lol

Being a part of the Personal Trainer Food Weight loss Program family has been a blessing. I’ve even been hooked up with a Personal Trainer Food coach (Mike) I have to thank him too as he’s been a pleasure to talk to and I’m always excited for his call each week to let him know just how pumped and awesome I feel.

Sunday will be a good day and I still have a few days to lose a few more.

Catch you all back here on Sunday….

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  1. Jess, where you at brother? Looking for an update?

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