The Scale Doesn’t Lie (Week 5 5/5/12)

Good afternoon. getting this in kinda late on this beautiful Saturday in Michigan. Anyway, this last week went by pretty quick and it’s only going to get busy with my job and still trying to make time for my workouts. I know quit complaining and just do it.I have to admit though it’s freaking hard. Juggling life and family and then still trying to take care of yourself is tough.

My logs were ok I know I missed a few things but when I do go back and look at what I ate it shows that I was eating a lot of high sodium foods. My water intake was good but I’m thinking this weeks results could have been better if I had cut my sodium intake. Something to look out for next week.

So now the #’s

Starting weight = 493lbs

Last week 4/28/12 weigh-in 479.8 -4.2lbs

This week 5/5/12 weigh in 477.0 -2.8lbs week 5 total weight loss 16lbs


I also wanted to refer everyone to read the following story. My good friend Kenlie Tiggeman is suing Southwest Airlines. She is a remarkable woman and I give her all the credit and support in the world for STANDING UP FOR CHANGE about Southwest’s “Customer of size” Policy. Please check out the story.

Kenlie & I at Fitbloggin'11


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is a professional health, weight loss & fitness blogger on a weight loss journey to lose over 300lbs on no sugar no grains.


  1. AnThony says:

    Jess, I believe you can do this. I want to will you to succeed.

    • Thanks buddy, I really appreciate it. I sure hope so. This is a tough road and battle but I’m truly up for it this time. No quitting.

  2. Congrats Jess! Keep up the good work! 🙂
    Patty at A Day in My NYC recently posted..Another Year WiserMy Profile

  3. Great Job on the loss!!!
    One day at a time, everything will come together.
    Julie recently posted..Progress Baby!!!My Profile

  4. Congrats man!

    2.8 pounds closer to epic.


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