The Scale Doesn’t Lie (Week 11, Gained)

Yep, 11 weeks in and had a little hiccup.  I’m not stressing I kinda had a feeling that it was going to happen.  I’ve neglected my workouts a little with working and other obligations that I had and broke my #noexcuses motto.

It’s no secret, my numbers on my fitbit are down from not working out everyday, I’ve neglected my logs.  When you don’t log you don’t lose plan and simple.

With all that being said, typed, ya you know here are my results

Starting weight Jan 8th 525

Last weeks weigh in 481.6

Today’s weigh in 484.6 +3.0bs

Total weight loss 40.4 pounds in 11 weeks

I’m still very positive with everything that i have done and there’s no fine road for this journey.  I just gotta stick with that plan.  Next weeks weigh-in brings another weight loss pic so stay tuned.  Also stay tuned to this upcoming week and I hope to have some good news for you all and look for me and the blog to be featured on the fitblogger site.

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is a professional health, weight loss & fitness blogger on a weight loss journey to lose over 300lbs on no sugar no grains.

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