The Scale Doesn’t Lie 1/12/13

This week’s The Scale Doesn’t Lie. I crushed it at the gym. I was there 7 days in a row, got in all my strength workouts as well as my cardio and maintained 10K steps a day.

The problem is when you look at MyFitnessPal. That’s where the story of why I only lost .6 of a pound this past week. No it’s not because I overate or binged. Not at all.

I have to admit My Life Coach Tara warned me that this would happen. “This” I’ll get to in a minute.

It’s not that I didn’t want to take her advice, not at all. I was afraid. I was afraid that I would do just that. Overeat or get back into my binge eating habits. What I mean by that is, I was not eating enough. My net calories at the end of the day were well below 1200 some times in the negative.

I was working so hard but not refueling my body. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel great. I really do. I’m in a mode now where I’d rather be in the gym than anywhere else. I know silly right.

What I can’t grasp is eating more. I’m scared of it because it’s where it got me to where I was before. Everyone will tell you eat less move more. I was doing that. But what I was doing was basically not eating at all when you really look at my numbers. I was running the gas tank on fumes or nothing at all. If I continue to do this, like an engine on a car that I will run out and break down.

I’m making one of my goals this next week to kinda take it easy on the workout side, maybe not get in all my 10K steps but I’m still going. I’m going to do my best to¬† balance it out that I’m still at the end of the day as close to 1200 net cals as I can be. This will make me have to be a little creative as i don’t want to resort to junk type foods to fill up the tank and hit the 1200 net.

Why I didn’t listen to Tara? It’s not that I didn’t listen. She knew I was. In this process and in her coaching it’s not her decision it our decision on how what we do affects ourselves. She doesn’t judge me. It’s that I was scared. I defiantly listened. That’s why I’m changing this up a bit and we’ll both figure this out together. It’s what we do.

That my friends is exactly what the title of these posts are all about “The Scale Doesn’t Lie”

The Scale Doesn't LieLast Week: 456.4

This Week: 455.8 -0.6 -67.2 Total

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  1. Hey man any loss is a loss but quick q:

    Do you mean you’re only consuming 1200 calls or after workouts/eating you are still 1200 under your calorie goal?

    I also use myfitnesspal. It took me a few months to get right but I found that I underestimated calories consumed and overestimated what I burned in workouts

    Of course it is hard to lose weight if your body is in starvation mode

    • I’ve been eating like 2000 and then working out and burning line 1200 so my net was only like 800 sometimes lower if I had worked out more or ate less than 2500 which on some days I had. I learned the hard way I just hope I can recoup and recharge my metabolism so that it starts burning the fat when I fuel it right.

  2. OMG, I had that exact SAME problem this week! I too use MyFitnessPal and last week when I ate more, I lost more. This week, I started with double workout days and keeping my eating at the same level (creating a bigger calorie deficit) and the scale started going up again. It’s super frustrating and super confusing to really grasp that you need to eat more to loose weight, but then you still have to figure out the right balance of what to eat because you are right, you don’t want to fill up on the wrong types of food. When you figure out the balance, PLEASE let me know :>)
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    • Search TDEE calculator on google. Enter in your info and workouts. You’d be amazed how many calories you should be eating. See how close you already are or how far off you’re.

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