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The Fat Father Chronicles PodcastWell everyone. I did it. I hurdled my fear and have started my podcast. The Fat Father Chronicles Podcast. It’s official. The response has been great. The podcast is getting some traction and listeners are taking a liking. I’m climbing up the ranks in the new and noteworthy section and hoping I can land in the top page up New and Noteworthy which is a huge goal of mine. I can’t thank you enough if you left a review and if not please follow the links below to leave one for me as it really helps me and the podcast get reached to many different people and that is my ultimate goal. The Fat Father Chronicles is my outlet and is the driving force behind my journey. I really want this to succeed but without all of you and hard work from me it will fail. So if you’re reading this, please take a few minutes to write a review for me. If you have iTunes, please leave the rating and review there. Not an Apple or iTunes fan…I totally understand and if you could leave your review on Stitcher that would be awesome. Thanks again everyone for your support. click here to leave a review on iTunes click here to leave a review on stitcher




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