Workouts are kicking my butt

Just wanted to chime in on the blog and give myself a pat on my own back. I think this is the first time I have ever worked out like I have for 5 straight days. I mean I’ve done the whole elliptical thing and I’ve done walking. This time around I really want to give it my all. Something has lit a fire under my ass and I think it was the rejection of EMWLE3.

I’m a little angry and that fuels me in my workouts. I alternate every day between lifting and then doing a 30 min Aerobics set. I feel great. I’m not bored an I really like what I’m doing. The lifting is gradual and will increase as time goes on and the aerobics is a 3 level set and I’m currently doing level 2 and some of the things I do the modified version. I’m not bored and when I’m done I’m sore but a good sore.

I’m going to keep  this up. 6 days a week with an off day on Sunday to relax and recharge for the next week

I have to be honest and say that I’m working myself pretty hard. It funny because on the days of lifting weights I have a lower PE level than when I’m doing the Aerobics…lol  More like a 15/16 it really kicks my ass.

Well I know my first weigh in is tomorrow and I will post the results. I know my body is changing I can already feel it. If the scale doesn’t say the same I’m not going to be discouraged. Everything that I have read about the program I’m doing and in the proof is you gotta give it a good 2/3 weeks before throwing in the towel and moving onto something else.

Trust me I’ll defiantly take inches if there’s no pounds lost, it’s all about moving stuff around and body composition. I’m ok with all that. There’s been a lot of times in the past where I would give up if the scale didn’t move. I was too focused on the number. Reading and educating myself has taught me that losing weight has a lot of different ways of showing you.

How hard are you pushing yourself in the gym or your workouts at home?



Judgement Free Zone

So after contemplating and having a discussion with a blogger friend (David from that I got the opportunity to meet recently and him pushing me and telling me what am I waiting for I finally decided to join a Planet Fitness.


Now I want to be honest in saying that I did not join this gym because of their advertising strategy as I know many people have beat them up about it.  I joined more so because they’re convenient.  What I mean by this is, I sometimes get very frustrated that life, work, stress, all get in the way of me trying to take care of me.  To go deeper, I will let something ruin my day because I like to be structured and plan my day out and when it gets messed up then I just want to give up.  The main reason I joined Planet Fitness is because they’re open 24-7 during the week and free personal training is included within the membership fee.


I don’t want to knock the other gyms that I have at my disposal,  (Work and Beaumont Weight Control Center) but like I said they’re not as convenient as PF is for me.


I know how important working out is for me and how much better I felt at the begging of the year when I was hard core at the gym every night with no excuses.  I need that mentally again, I need to feel like I’m in control again.  There’s no excuses for a place that’s open 24-7 the only excuse is ME.


I watch twitter feeds every night how some of the twitter friends that I have post about their runs, workouts, etc. and I’m sitting here like I haven’t done shit.


I’m truly sick of it all.  So for anyone of my friends that wants to come work out with me, please let me know I’m allowed to bring a guest at anytime.  Keep me accountable if you want to go then I have to go.  Help me succeed.  If your not going then you can’t hate on me right??


“I lift things up I put them down”

The Scale Doesn’t Lie (Week 11, Gained)

Yep, 11 weeks in and had a little hiccup.  I’m not stressing I kinda had a feeling that it was going to happen.  I’ve neglected my workouts a little with working and other obligations that I had and broke my #noexcuses motto.

It’s no secret, my numbers on my fitbit are down from not working out everyday, I’ve neglected my logs.  When you don’t log you don’t lose plan and simple.

With all that being said, typed, ya you know here are my results

Starting weight Jan 8th 525

Last weeks weigh in 481.6

Today’s weigh in 484.6 +3.0bs

Total weight loss 40.4 pounds in 11 weeks

I’m still very positive with everything that i have done and there’s no fine road for this journey.  I just gotta stick with that plan.  Next weeks weigh-in brings another weight loss pic so stay tuned.  Also stay tuned to this upcoming week and I hope to have some good news for you all and look for me and the blog to be featured on the fitblogger site.

The Scale Doesn’t lie (Week 6, The inches are coming off)


Well I was real concerned that I would not have a weight loss this week.  With being committed to the gym, I was told to not be discouraged or get upset if I showed a weight gain after all my workouts.  My body has to get time to adjust to what I’m doing to it.  For someone that has been sedentary and switching it up to 5 day a week workouts was freaking my body out 

I’ll tell you what though.  I feel real good when i work out.  There’s something about it that just tells me what I’m doing is right and well worth all of it.

It’s kind of funny but when I’m working out I often think about how I’m going to look when I drop all these pounds and how my transformation will be.  Will I be recognizable, will I have a bunch of lose skin that I was have to have surgically removed.  To me it’s all worth it and I’m looking forward to it.

Now onto the results

Start= 525

Last weeks weight = 498.6lbs

Today’s Weight = 496.4 = -6.0lbs

total loss= -28.6lbs

I have also lost some inches as well that I’d like to share

Neck   old=19          now =19

chest   old=66.5          now =63

waist   old=68          now =68

thigh   old= 38         now =35

calf   old= 23         now =23

bicep   old=  21.5        now =21

forearm old= 14.5         now =14

Next weeks weigh in will also have another updated weight loss pic.

Thanks for all the love & support

The Scale Doesn’t Lie (I am no longer a 500lb man)


3 days of workouts and wanted it to be 5 but mother nature interfered with that due to snow and power outages.  I know I said no excuses, but this was out of my hands.

I ate pretty good this past week and it looks like that + workouts was a recipe for a good week.

In the middle of the week I mentioned that I wanted to say goodbye tot he 500’s forever.  I was hoping to weigh-in below 500.

See my results below

Start= 525

Last weeks weight = 504.4lbs

Today’s Weight = 498.4 = -6.0lbs

total loss= -26.6lbs

Say Goodbye to the 500’s (It’s coming soon)

My goal this week with eating right and hitting the gym on my plan to do 4-5 days a week workouts, is to drop my weight below the 500 pound mark.  I want to officially say goodbye to that number for the rest of my life and move on to another one.

I know I can do this.  I’m incorporating both strength and cardio into my workouts in hopes that it will help speed up my metabolism


and help burn off calories as my body recoups after the workout is over.  This way I can eat when I get home and those calories will be burned to rejuvenate my body for more the next day.

Right now, I’m really just trying to find out what really works for me.  Working out and exercising is a whole new ballgame for me.  I’m not very good at it and have only really been trained once.  I’m using what little I know and will self teach and learn along the way.  I can’t afford a trainer but the tool I have is that I can read and the internet is a great tool in helping me find just what’s right for me.

So I hop to have big smiles and great new come weight in on Sat……

A new part of my life……make it count

Next week is my plan to do 4-5 day workouts. Amy goes back on days, so it wont be an issue of me getting in there. I’m ready too. I remember working out this time last year and really liking the way I felt when it was done. It’s another one of those thing were I say. “Why did I stop.”

Im not over eating and that’s a big thing for me. Getting in these workout should make the weight come off a lot quicker. It’s all math and numbers when it comes down to it.

The best thing is I have a gym right at work don’t even have to leave. It’s a no brainer.

The video represents a new part of my life……make it count.