Personal Trainer Food Day 1

So Day 1 is in the books for Personal Trainer Food. I must admit I was skeptical how I thought the food was going taste. This stuff is really good. Eggs and Sausage for Breakfast. Chipotle Chicken Breast for Lunch with a variety bag of veggies and Angus Burger & Cheddar Chicken Sticks with another bag of veggies.

I’m not a veggie person but I’m plugging the nose and making them go down the hatch….well honestly they weren’t that bad. I guess I just have to give things a chance sometimes.

50lbs of food showed up at my door on Saturday in a Cooler type box with dry ice. All food is wrapped individually and marked with name of item and how long to cook for. Most items only take 2-3 minutes in the Microwave.

Our Fridge is completely filled and I’m thinking I may have to go out and buy a deep freezer to continue on this and if the food choice I made with their menu continue to surprise me with taste then this just might be the thing that helps get me to where I want to be. Personal Trainer Food

My first goal of 2016 is to get down to 399lbs. I set this goal to try to reach it by the end of July. Tough but I think with my size it’s very doable. Last year for those that do or don’t remember I kicked it high gear with #NSNG and lost almost 75lbs in just a months time.

I kick myself in the ass that I let a job change and then being laid off contribute to me gaining all that weight back. It I could add up the times I have lot a good amount of weight I’d be the shit…lol

So with Personal Trainer Food, I will be following their program for 28 days. I will Document my progress in a couple different ways through Social Media, so please show the support and make sure you’re following. For those of you that have any questions about the program, please leave a comment and let me know. Also if you want to join click the box to the right or here & use the code TOOBIG at checkout to get 75 dollars off your order.

I will be weighing in just my start and at the end of 28 days to let everyone know the results. With that being said It kills me to type this but to hold myself accountable I have to put it out there. My current weight for the start of the program is 561lbs. Yeah you read that right. So I got a lot of work to do to get to 399lbs. I pick 399 because when I sit back and try to remember being 3 anything I can’t.

The bottom line is that I’m not dumb & I know I need help. There’s nothing magical…NO PILL, NO SHAKE, NO FOOD….. THE MAGIC IS ME

Help Me Help You – Have I ever Helped You?

I got a trolling email from someone about a week ago were they were talking themselves up stating how many people they’ve helped in the weight loss community and asked me who have I ever helped? Have I ever Helped You? I’m not here to say that I have this amazing Army, but I do know just how much all of you have helped me along in this journey and I honestly thought to myself, have I ever helped you. Please rate, comment, subscribe, and re share this video on Twitter & Your Facebook pages. Let me know just how much I’ve helped you as much as you have helped me.
Thank you to all of you that have ever helped me along they way and showed your support. It really means a lot to me.

Help Me Help You – Have I ever Helped You?

NSV Progress PIC

I wanted to post this pic as I have looked for pics that are alike in similarities to see some progress of how I’ve come, from where I was just this time last year. It’s hard for me to see a difference as of yet. I see it, it’s just hard for me to really see it yet. I guess that comes in time. The pic below is almost to the date a year apart. Jan 12 at Planet Fitness.  Jan 13 at Anytime Fitness here in Fraser.  I posted this to Instagram last night and got a good response to it. My friends  and weight loss community are the best. But I also wanted to share it here on my site. I’m very happy to be posting these as my journey continues. Progress comes in so many forms. From getting up off the ground to walking 10K steps in a day. Progress is not always what the scale says. I need to remind myself of that from time to time. Once again thank you all for the support. This is the first of many NSV Progress PIC side by sides that I’ll be sharing on this journey.

NSV Progress PIC

Eye On The Prize With One Small Step

I found this video tonight and wanted to share it with you all. I haven’t posted in a while and most times it would be because I was running away from my problems or I was messing up and didn’t want to face the music. But that’s not it at all. In past journey’s of mine I would crumble when things weren’t going right. Instead of trying to understand why I was gaining or why I wasn’t losing or at the current moment why my body is what I will say rejecting me working out as I have had some slow weeks in my weight loss. I’ve learned to still have my eye on the prize with one small step.

Instead of letting what ever is going on break me, I’m learning to find ways to fix and correct it. I’m not gaining weight I’m just not losing as fast as I’d like. It’s somewhat frustrating only because I have so much weight to lose.

I have to be honest though and say that I feel different. I feel lighter. I feel like everything is working, I’m just not losing this huge amount of weight. I mean in the grand scheme of things I did lose close to 30 pounds in a month.

So with another weigh in tomorrow. I just wanted to quickly post this video as a reminder to myself that I’m not going to let it break me like it has so many times in the past. No matter what that scale says tomorrow good or bad, I’ll be right there again the very next week.

Monday Came

monday cameI want to take a moment and tell you that my Monday Came. What? Yes that’s correct. So many times in the past I would say “I got this” “Oh this is it, this will be the time I get it right” but all these many times were just false hope. There were what I Like to call “Kicks

I hate “Kicks”

I know for everyone that I have spoken with that has lost a significant amount of weight has had their “Monday Came”

So I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves so why is this the time for him, why wont this be just like the rest?

I finally believe in myself. More importantly, I finally believe I can do this. This stems from my recent “Changing my thought process” post.

I’m forming new habits and wants that I’ve never had before. Instead of thinking that this was always going to be handed to me somehow. Now I believe that I can carry out small goals that will amount to big ones down the road.

I’ve always looked at the number and getting to a certain point as far as the number. My mindset was never trying to meet small goals and move on from there.

I’m not proving this to anyone out there but myself. However, for therapeutic reasons and I have to admit some self gloat, I want to share it with all of you at the same time.

I’ve had a lot of Monday’s but sooner or later my Monday had to come. I used to think like a pool player and all it got me was in trouble. Most pool players are thinking 3 shots ahead instead of focusing on the shot at hand. It’s not a way I want to live anymore. I used to only believe in some miracle type product (Beaumont diet, WW, Green Coffee Bean Extract, BodyByVi) that would get me thin, instead of looking in the mirror and realizing that the miracle is me.

This is my journey to prove to myself that I can beat these daemons that have shut me down from living.

Here’s to 2013. The year I really start to Live….below is the song for “Monday Came” My theme song for 2013.

The Scale Doesn’t Lie Weekly Weigh-In 12/29/12

IMG_0753I’ve accomplished a very big goal of mine that I set out to do last week…..

Make it through the week of Christmas without gaining but actually losing weight. I succeeded. I fought off temptations, found myself doing different habits than I normally would like sitting where I couldn’t see the food sitting on the tables. Having more conversations and continuing to look at the photo of all the fast food that I put on the home screen of my food as a reminder to not go back down that route.

With that being said, I didn’t deprive myself of the foods I wanted or the desserts. I was able to have smaller portions so that I wasn’t shutting myself down from those foods but learning how to eat them in moderation and still be satisfied.

It worked….I’ll get to the numbers in a min…..

Next week I have some big goals again

  • get through new years with the same success
  • get to the gym 3 times this week
  • see a loss on the scale next sat

So I’m very proud of myself. I do however realize that this is just a small piece of the puzzle to getting to where I’m going.

Last week: 465.4

This week: 463.6 -1.8 -59.4 total



Follow Up Interview on the Vinnie Tortorich Podcast

vinnie_podcast_cover_282As some of you may know, I’ve been a guest a few times on the Vinnie Tortorich Podcast with Vinnie & Anna. Back more than 6 months ago when I was in pretty hard core into WW I had a discussion with them about my weight loss. It was like bull shitting with everyday people but a little more intimate than most. Click here to listen to first interview.

I was completely honest with them and wanted them to really know what I was about. It has since been told to me that my first interview was one of the most liked interviews on the show. I’ve even got mentions from Howie Mandel who Vinnie trains and Dean Lorey following my progress.

I’ve also gotten countless praises and encouragement from the shows community that I just want to personally thank right here and I hope you all are still following along on this journey. I also can’t thank Anna & Vinnie enough for their support and genuine care for me and getting me to a healthy weight.

About a week ago I had a very personal interview with both Vinnie & Anna. It was mainly about my food addiction & binge eating disorder and where I’m at now. Please take a listen and also please follow Vinnie & Anna’s show podcast found here. Below is the link to the interview.

Click here for most recent interview

The Benefits of Weight Training for Weight Loss

Lifting weights should be an integral part of any comprehensive fitness regime. Whereas changing your diet and doing regular cardio are good for improving overall fitness levels, only weight training will give your body the lean shape you’re looking for.

In order to build muscle is best to utilise a mixture of weights and resistance training, to give your workout some variety and avoid plateaus. A good workout plan will be constructed according to your capabilities and target goal, with mini targets along the way to keep you motivated.

Unlike fat burning exercises such as cardio – which should also be an important part of a weight loss exercise plan – weight training builds muscle strength which leads to improved metabolic functions in the body. By maintaining a high metabolism you will be able to improve the overall benefits of your workout, by increasing the efficiency of every type of exercise you do.

One of the common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is doing it by simply eating less. In fact, when the body goes into ‘starvation mode’ your stores of lean body mass will disappear along with your fat stores, when what you really want to be doing is losing only fat. If you’re interested in boosting the rate at which you burn fat why not check out these fat burning Supplements at Monster? They’ll boost your workout and help you lose the right kind of weight, fast.

The Scale Doesn’t Lie Weekly Weigh In 12/15/12

This may come off as conceded, but I’m not surprised at my number lost for this week. I always hit high numbers when I first start out. I know what I’m capable of but I also know that I’m not always going to have these types of what I call “Biggest Loser” or “Extreme Makeover Weight loss Edition” numbers. That was my problem in the past. I would eat right and look for those types of numbers all the time. It was another one of my bad habits.


Because, I would shoot for 7-8 pounds a week and if I didn’t hit those types of numbers I would get discouraged and either want to quit or I would jump on the next bandwagon type diet/shake/etc hoping it was going to solve all my problems and give me the quick fix.

I’m now taking the slow approach. I know my loss for this week was huge and that’s my body telling me, dude where’s all those fast food calories & binge eating nights you were feeding me for a month? In order to beat this, I have to be ok with when the scale only shows me a pound or 2. My realistic goal for myself is 2-3lbs a week weight loss. Healthy weight loss. Not the quick fixes like I have looked for in the past.

I’m proud to say that in a little over a week when I last weighed myself at 484 after figuring out I had gained almost 17 pounds in a month. I was able to shed 15.6 of them in a little over a week just by eating right. Eating right for me is not depriving me of the foods I love. Please take a look at my diary to see what I was eating.

Eating right for me is not binging, which I’ve been binge free now for 10 days. Yeah Me. Not going into the pantry to find snacks, not sneaking food late at night. Eating right for me was eating what I wanted to eat and staying within my calorie goals which I was able to do. (I even ate one of my trigger foods pizza and was able to control myself)

I did not exercise at all lasIMG_0709t week with the exception of my steps on my fitbit increased as I was out of my chair more and moving around at work.

I will have ups and downs on this journey I know this. I will have some weeks with high numbers and some weeks low numbers. I think I’m finally ok with that. I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO TO SUCCEED. I just need to be consistent. We’re human and I can’t be perfect all the time. I just can’t won’t give up.

Last weight in: 484.0 This week: 468..6 -15.4 for the week -54.4 total





Embracing The Positives NSV

So with all the negativity that I have posted in the last few days. I wanted to update with some of the positives I can reflect on in this journey of mine.

This post is about a few non scale victories, First thought I want to share that I did face the scale this morning to see where I'm at and the result was pretty bad but to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

My weigh in was 484.0 that's 17.6lbs gained since my last weigh in on the 27th of October. Not what I wanted but instead of getting mad and upset I looked at the positive that I seen in it and that was I'm still down 39lbs since I started this go around in Jan.

Then I got dressed and remembered that I just got some new shirts and some new jeans and then I remembered the sizes of those clothes and came to the realization that these close are smaller sizes than my past clothes. Not a huge difference but down almost 2 sizes in my shirts. I used to wear 8xl shirts and now I'm wearing in most brands a 6xl but some are still 7xl but still the number is less than 8.

The jeans were also smaller. Went down 2 inches in the waist on the pants and still had a little room to work with.

I was amazed that my body has changed. Even when I though it hadn't. It was a good feeling that I want to continue.