NSNG Monthly Weigh-In on Personal Trainer Food

Real quick post. I’ve done my Monthly Weigh In and the results are in. First I want to again thank the team over at Personal Trainer Food. This program is monthly weigh-in NSNG proving big results for me while on my NSNG Lifestyle. Now I’m on to a 2nd month and we’ll see just how far I can take this journey. If you have any questions about Personal Trainer Food or how it can help you, please let me know. I totally endorse it and for sure Practicing what I’m preaching. It’s not just for men either, woman jump on board as well. Now for the numbers.

Starting Weight Jan 4th 2016: 561lbs

Current Weight Jan 31st 2016: 516.7lbs

Total months weight loss: 44.3lbs

Overall Weight loss: 44.3lbs

So yeah I’ve dropped 44lbs in a month and well on to hitting some serious goals in 2016

Personal Trainer Food – Week One

Personal Trainer Food - Week One

Personal Trainer Food – Week One

I have to admit. I do very well with structure. I do well with a plan and not when I have to plan in the moment when it comes to food. That’s why I have fallen in love with Personal Trainer Food in just one week. There’s been a lot of times in the past that I’ve thought I found something that would work and I will admit a lot of the times I vanished from the scene of the crime and a lot of the damage was done on my own doing. I couldn’t sustain shakes. I sustained #NSNG (No Sugar No Grains) but found myself in a predicament when my work schedule and routine changed over a year ago when I started The job at Stewart. This however is real food. Real food that I get to eat. Not processed. When this 50lb boxed of food showed up I felt overwhelmed and I thought what did I get myself into. Now I look at it like this is what 28 days of food is supposed to look like. Then I imagined 28 days divided by 7 days divided by 2-3 pizza’s a week and the rest of the days finding something to eat and not only sabotaging myself but also my wife and family. Personal Trainer Food gives me more flexibility than I could have ever hoped for. It has been my routine and it has been my fuel (literary)

Personal Trainer food makes really good food. I think that’s why I’m stoked about this journey. If I didn’t like the food, you all know I would be the first person to tell you. When it comes to my opinion and my review on something they’re my own. I do not sugar coat anything. Class example is that shake thing I was doing. I’m very honest and this company is class act in the only short one week period that make me feel wanted and appreciated and they genuinely want to see me succeed and I want nothing more to succeed with them.

As I mentioned in a earlier post. I’m sticking to my guns and will not show my weight loss till the month has passed and going forward I will be doing monthly weigh ins. I’ve also added a Starting pic from Xmas showing me at the 561lbs mark and will upload progress pics as I see fit.

My wife, work, friends, family are all supportive of this full effort to really preaching my motto. I mean I put it on a t-shirt didn’t I. Life will always give you hurdles and obstacles that you have to maneuver around. Over, under & so on. Instead of crying about it. Do something about it. Get mad. I’m mad, Because all those pains and issues should be the reason not the excuse for why you’re doing what you do.

I ask that all of you really follow me on this one. Check in with me. Ask me how I’m doing. My mind is good now. As I talk about things going forward on this journey, I’m going to get personal with myself.

A lot of people think that it can be so easy to lose the weight and I think a lot of those people are the ones that never had to face 561lbs in the mirror. I have monsters hidden that no one or only very few even know about. So forgive me if in my posts in the future I bring up some of my past. I’m only doing it to help me and make those around me understand what it’s truly like being me. I’ll let you step in my shoes but you’ll never fill them.

Weight Loss Journey – Monthly Weigh In

weight loss journey monthly weigh in Back when I started this Weight Loss Journey on March 3rd 2014, I didn’t think I could last posting only a monthly weigh in. I am what you call a scale whore. I’m always weighing myself daily if a scale is around. It’s a good and a bad thing all at the same time. The first two months on this Weight Loss Journey, I was dropping big time weight. Just look at my numbers here. I also had an issue where the scale that was being used was not correct and my friends at Old Will Knot Scales hooked me up with a new better scale for my results. The reason I knew the scale was off was that when I had a BIA test done about a month ago, I weighed in on a medical scale at Total Health Systems and found that when i thought I had already lost like 93lbs was actually not the case. I didn’t let it bother me too much. I mean 100lbs in 2 months after I had thought I lost 75 in the first was not that hard to carry out. It didn’t really turn out that way. I didn’t really lost the 75 like I had thought. Today was my 3 month/90 day weigh in and the numbers are below. I’m very happy where I’m at and am looking at hitting my 1st goal of 10olbs down with next months weigh in. If you would have told me that I would lose 100lbs in 4 months, I would have said you’re crazy. I’m working hard on this guys. I’m doing the best that I can and the best I’ve ever done. My goal from here on out is to lose 15lbs a month and anymore is a bonus. I want to get to my goal weight in 2 years or less. I want to get to around 250-275 and then work on really figuring out what I want to do at that point. No Sugar No Grains has changed my life. Garage Muscle & Ryan my personal trainer have changed my life and when I look in the mirror, I can finally tell myself “hey you’re changing your life and keep it up.”

Start 568.5 March 3rd 2014

3 month weigh in: 481.8

Monthly Loss : 18.8

Total 3 month loss -86.7

Only 13.3lbs away from 1st 100

Eye On The Prize With One Small Step

I found this video tonight and wanted to share it with you all. I haven’t posted in a while and most times it would be because I was running away from my problems or I was messing up and didn’t want to face the music. But that’s not it at all. In past journey’s of mine I would crumble when things weren’t going right. Instead of trying to understand why I was gaining or why I wasn’t losing or at the current moment why my body is what I will say rejecting me working out as I have had some slow weeks in my weight loss. I’ve learned to still have my eye on the prize with one small step.

Instead of letting what ever is going on break me, I’m learning to find ways to fix and correct it. I’m not gaining weight I’m just not losing as fast as I’d like. It’s somewhat frustrating only because I have so much weight to lose.

I have to be honest though and say that I feel different. I feel lighter. I feel like everything is working, I’m just not losing this huge amount of weight. I mean in the grand scheme of things I did lose close to 30 pounds in a month.

So with another weigh in tomorrow. I just wanted to quickly post this video as a reminder to myself that I’m not going to let it break me like it has so many times in the past. No matter what that scale says tomorrow good or bad, I’ll be right there again the very next week.

The Scale Doesn’t Lie 1/5/13

This weeks The Scale Doesn’t Lie post has a different tune. With my recent post of “Monday Came” is has really sunk in with me that if I push my body that just wants to move. I mean it really does want to move. If I just feed it some movement, it’s going to reward me for it.

I’ve neglected movement for so long. The only real movement I got was getting up to go to someone’s desk at work. I used to bitch about having to get up and go. To be honest now…..I want to see the steps on my fitbit go up…lol

A few weeks ago my goal with my fitbit was only at 5000 steps. I’ve rocked the 10K steps club people and it freaking feels great.

I’ve pushed myself and it feels wonderful feeling.

I also have asked on Twitter to my fitbloggin friends with no response….lol but anyway this falls under a non-scale victory but I asked “What if anyone can remember was the hardest thing for me to do, while doing cross fit at Fitbloggin this past year?”  (this is the longer version than the 140 character version on twitter…lol)

I’m sure my friend Sean from Learn Fitness remembers as he was my partner/spotter for it. I needed help getting up off the ground. I couldn’t do it myself.  You can see towards the end of this video, I’m just laying down while other partners and spotters are standing up and cheering their partner on.

Last night I was stretching out my back laying on the floor and kid you not without even thinking about it I got up and didn’t use anything to hold on to for support.

I was like I freaking rock now. Did I just do that? So you know what I did? I did it again and then you know what I did after that….I did it again. I even woke my wife up to show her that I could do it.

I’ve got a big smile on my face because I’m wondering what’s next?

The Scale Doesn't LieSo now this weeks numbers:

last weeks weigh in: 463.4

This weeks weigh in 456.4 -7.2lbs -66.6 total

Weigh-Ins sponsored by Old Will Knott Scales

Embracing The Positives NSV

So with all the negativity that I have posted in the last few days. I wanted to update with some of the positives I can reflect on in this journey of mine.

This post is about a few non scale victories, First thought I want to share that I did face the scale this morning to see where I'm at and the result was pretty bad but to be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

My weigh in was 484.0 that's 17.6lbs gained since my last weigh in on the 27th of October. Not what I wanted but instead of getting mad and upset I looked at the positive that I seen in it and that was I'm still down 39lbs since I started this go around in Jan.

Then I got dressed and remembered that I just got some new shirts and some new jeans and then I remembered the sizes of those clothes and came to the realization that these close are smaller sizes than my past clothes. Not a huge difference but down almost 2 sizes in my shirts. I used to wear 8xl shirts and now I'm wearing in most brands a 6xl but some are still 7xl but still the number is less than 8.

The jeans were also smaller. Went down 2 inches in the waist on the pants and still had a little room to work with.

I was amazed that my body has changed. Even when I though it hadn't. It was a good feeling that I want to continue.

The Scale Doesn’t Lie Weekly Weigh-in 10/20/12

So 2 weeks in on my 90 day challenge and I have dropped another 4.2lbs for a total of 12 pounds in 2 weeks. I’m loving it. (not the McDonald’s version) One issue. I know I could be getting even better numbers but I haven’t been in the gym. This past week I’ve felt under the weather and could not give it my all. No one loves working out when they don’t feel great. The good thing is no matter how sick or how under the weather you may feel, you still can make good choices in what we eat.

As some of you know I have started using the loseit app on my iPhone and really like it. after this mornings weigh in and after I entered my weight although I had already passed the 50 pounds in my journey they gave me the badge in my profile. I thought I’d share it here as well.

Another update. I got a very special friend at Fitbloggin working on a new banner image for me and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. It’s something that I have visioned for my site for a while now just never knew how to do it myself and when I seen him doing something similar I was way jealous and he like the class act that he is told me to relax and he gots me. Something very common coming from a Fitbloggin alumni.

I’ll leave this weeks weigh in post with this question. How do you all find ways to make good choices/decisions when not feeling well?


The Scale Doesn’t Lie (8/4/12)

Is struggling really a part of the process?

When does trying to get rid of weight turn into failure?

How do you know your failing?

Does failure only exist when you decide to give up?

Is knowing what you were eating at the time you put it in your mouth was bad for you and you told yourself while eating it what it would probably do…..Failing?


I struggled big time this last week. I doubled up on meals instead of drinking both my shakes and 1 meal. I ate junk food. I didn't log. I didn't drink all my water.


IN MY EYES and more so YOURS…..it sounds like I just simply didn't care


I sat here on the couch this morning not wanting to go in for my weigh in cause I knew it was bad. My wife was getting ready and thought I was getting ready as well. She came into the living room and said are you going and I said “I'm not going this week”


I knew I had failed myself, them as being my wife & daughter & all of you.


Then she said…..”Don't you want to be held accountable if you did have a bad week?”


Although it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I decided that if this is going to be a journey and a learning process for myself…I can't give up and I must go to tell myself that what the scale is going to say today is not what I want it to read the next week.


I needed be accountable for what I had done and because I'm sharing this journey with you all I needed to share the result with all of you even if I didn't want to.


I have goals for myself and if I would have stayed here on the couch and watched TV, I wouldn't have written this post and to me this post shows that I'm fully capable of wanting learning from my mistakes. The key word there is “WANTING”


I want this badly guys. I know you all know that. You all have shown so much support this time around that I can't run off and hide that I have so many time in the past. This is the real deal….This is my journey no matter what the scale says.


Why? The Scale Doesn't Lie..pretty fitting right?


now onto the numbers


last weeks weigh in 461.4


This weeks weigh in 468.8 +7.2





The Scale Doesn’t Lie (7/28/12)

Well not going to lie this week was not like the last two. But and that's a BIG BUT….. I know why.

Last sunday we had the Fraser fireworks at Amy's moms there was food and munchies and what did I do thought I was being good bu only taking a small portion of stuff but it adds up. I didn't count my dinner calories this last week where the last two weeks I was sticking at 1500 for the day. Last week I know I went over a few days. I only worked out the one day….I know shame on me.

I'm not mad though. Disappointed in myself a little but not mad. I've got a long journey ahead of myself and there is no possible way that us a humans can be perfect day in and day out. I'm just not forming my bad habits anymore There's the BIG difference.

I'm really in a happy state right now and I only seeing it get better as the months go by.

I have a goal in mind and that's to get to 399. Why? I can't remember the last time or any time for that matter where I could write on a doctors form or tell someone that I was 3 something so even if it's 399 it's in the 300lbs. Of course I'm not stopping there nor will I ever stop but I know in my mind that once I reach that milestone that I know I've made it and there is never ever a chance of turning back.

There's too many of you rooting me on and I can't hide anymore. I've run out of excuses when it comes to my weight and I think I've finally come to terms with it..

Now when I think I want to give up. I looks at my cover photo on my TooBIG.net Facebook page and it reminds me of what's important in my life. My Daughter, My Wife & I. No one can tell me different that I'm not supposed to fight for them to have their husband & father for as long as I can give them.

now onto the numbers

last weeks weigh in 463.2

This weeks weigh in 461.4 -1.8 and a total of 29.6 on WW

new update total lost since Jan -61.6 pounds


The Scale Doesn’t Lie (7/21/12)

I am in the zone. I.m proving to all of you but more importantly myself just how bad I want this. This was a very good week. Heather a personal trainer and now friend has taken me on as a client to help with the process and she's perfect. Her true genuine support makes all the difference. Makes me want to do more for her.

So today at Weight Watchers, the lady that weighed me in did something a little different. Instead of starting at my weight when we started back in June, she used my highest record weight from Jan 523. She gave me a 50 pound charm reward and I was confused. She stated she went by my original starting weight. I was pumped and shocked at where I've come and this is just the beginning. That's 60 gone with this weeks weigh in since my highest recorded weight.

Now onto the numbers

last weeks weigh-in was 470.0

This week 463.2 – 6.8 and a total of -27.8 on WW and -29.8lbs total on this journey.

Question: If you were me would say that my journey started when I was 523 my higest recorded weight or would you stick to when I started this jounrey at 493? Just asking. Either way I'm very proud of myself.