Shifting the Pounds with the Right Workout for you

At some point in their lives most women will worry about their weight, for some women it’s just a brief blip but for others it can be a life long struggle. One of the problems faced is finding the time to regularly do the right kind of exercise to keep the pounds off and keep muscles toned. So what exercise can you do that will fit into a busy schedule?




Love it or hate it, if you can squeeze in a half hour cardiovascular workout every day it will make a big difference. Cardio includes any workout that increases your heart rate, not only does this burn calories but it changes the rate of your metabolism so it’s easier to keep the weight off. There are a huge range of cardio exercises so find something you enjoy, as you’re much more likely to keep it up for longer.




If you’re not in the habit of exercising then jumping straight into doing a regular cardio workout can seem a bit much. Some women find Pilates is a gentler way to wake up those muscles while improving your flexibility and toning. It can be helpful to attend a beginner Pilates class as it provides structure and the potential to make new friends who are working towards the same weight loss goal.


Of course these are just two options in a whole world of exercise choices, remember there is something for everyone and when you find a form of exercise you can enjoy, it will seem a lot less of a chore. If you’re interested in great slimming aids that work alongside exercise, have a look at the range of slimming pills from Desirable Body.


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