Please, Call Me TooBIG

I’ve been told here at the fitbloggin conference that some are afraid to call me @TooBIG because they feel it’s a putdown to myself.

I have to let you all in on a big secret.  Yes I’m big and yes I’m toobig.  BUT……That’s not the real reason that everyone calls me TooBIG.  99.9% of my friends call me TooBIG.  When I was in High school playing football the coaches wrote on our helmets our names. My helmet was too small and I got the nickname of TooBIG because at that time my head was TooBIG.  (Still is…lol and filled with AIR)

The second reason is one of my all time favorite rappers was Too$hort.  from Oakland California and I knew every lyric to every song and I liked to rap myself.

The name TooBIG is not a knock on my weight…so Please call me TooBIG or Call me Jess.  Just remember though when the weight is gone, I’ll always be TooBIG.

About Jess Perreca Jr

is a professional health, weight loss & fitness blogger on a weight loss journey to lose over 300lbs on no sugar no grains.

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