Phase 1 90 days lose 75lbs

Well hello there.

Yes I guess I’ve decided to come back. I’ve taken a short absence from my site as I was trying very hard to refocus on what I really wanted out of my weight loss journey. These past few months have been very tough for me & my family. As some of you may know I tried out for and made it pretty much as far as you can go in the casting process for the EMWLE show with Chris Powell. Due to Logistics reasons I was not picked for the show. When I’m ready to talk about it all I will dedicate a post about the process. I didn’t get picked and I took it very hard. This has led me to now. Now is where I have to do this on my own. I know what it takes I have all the tools, I have all the support from family, friends, blog community, my readers, twitter followers, and so on. You’re all in my corner and I couldn’t thank you all enough.

This site has always been my release. Wither anyone reads it or not. It is the way I’m able to just let it all out. I’ve been doing this since I believe 2002.

Anyway. I have updated most of the pages on here with new info, I’ve also update my Facebook fan page so please head on over to there and give it a like. I have basically turned my basement into my mini gym and will incorporate the Nerd Fitness Rebel Guide as my workout program of choice. I will be doing my own 1 year transformation. All by myself. (Well and with the help of Family & Friends, that means all of you)

I have no more excuses left, when I really thought that this show was going to do it for me I really wasn’t thinking of a plan b and everyone was asking me what my plan B was? I was so involved in believing that I was already picked that I put it on the back-burner.

Plan B is and always was Plan A……..LOSING THIS WEIGHT IS WITHIN ME. wither I was going to be on a show or not I was going to have to put in the effort/work

The whole transformation will be done just like the show but my own way. I will do the 4 phases (every 90 days)

Phase 1 =  75lbs 50lbs now till end of June

Phase 2 = 50lbs  July till end of September

Phase 3 = 50lbs October till end of December

Phase 4 = 25lbs 50lbs January til end of March 2013

this will result in 200+ lbs lost

With that being said, Welcome to my journey & Welcome to Phase 1 75lbs in 90 days. Come on and tell me it can’t be done because I’ll use that as fuel only to prove you wrong. Tell me to go for it, I’ll use that with the same drive. Tell me that it’s going to be hard. I’m ready to cry, bleed & sweat for this.

I’ll be weighing in every week on sat and posting video journals weekly. Progress Photos will be done once a month. We’ve ordered a new scale bease the lady in our old one was telling us that we’re about half of our current weight and we couldn’t fix it. I as soon as I get it I will post my starting weight.

By the time Fitbloggin comes around I honestly hope to be 100+ lbs lighter. I have to set an example that I am doing this.

Thank you all




About Jess Perreca Jr

is a professional health, weight loss & fitness blogger on a weight loss journey to lose over 300lbs on no sugar no grains.


  1. Glad you’re back to blogging Jess, been reading a lot lately and it’ll be col to “start at the beginning” with someone. Personally i’d set the goals lower, from a mental standpoint, it feels awesome to just obliterate a goal when you do max effort for a period of time. ie. if you set your goal for 10 pounds per month for a year and lose 160 in 12 months, you’re mindstate is in a better spot than if you set your goal for 200 and “only” lose 160. What are you setting your intake at? I’ve switched to the biggest loser formula of 7 calories per pound of weight and have been having a lot better results than when I try to eat a much lower number.
    Will recently posted..What’s New?My Profile

    • I’m doing the carb cycling so switching between high and low carb days. I do think I set the bar high but I’ll lose the most weight in the beginning and then it’ll get harder. I know what I’ve lost in the past and I honestly think if I kick my own ass and stick with this I can do it.

      My intake is on low carb days about 1500 and on high carb days 2000. then Sunday is a free day that I can eat up to 3000 it’s a day to not deprive myself of some of the foods I like. I don’t see myself eating all 3000.

      if I used the 7 per pound system that would put me at roughly 3400 cals. I think that’s a lot. I’m trying to make it work out that I have a 3500 deficit a day. It’ll be tough. But this whole show process has lit a fire under my ass. No one is going do this for me. In all my problems in the past, there’s always been someone there to wipe my ass. I have to learn to wipe my own ass.

      Believe me when i say I’m ready and be ready when I call you up and say I’m coming to Jackson to work out.

  2. Good luck with your journey! I think the hardest part about weight loss is realizing its all on your own. You know you can do it and the mental battle is something you have to face. I look forward to following along. Plus you know by Fitbloggin ou are going to be smoking my hot ass!
    Julie recently posted..For Reals, FridayMy Profile

  3. I think you can do it, and also think it may be overly ambitious. Sorry to hear you weren’t selected for the show. You are 32 years young and I really wish you success. My younger brother is 52 years old and at 32 weighed over 400 pounds and stayed at that weight for the past 20 years until this past January. He went into the hospital January 1 and came out January 6 with the diagnosis of conjective heart disease. He also has other health problems. He vowed to lose 200 pounds this year. I also wish him success as his prognosis was basically diet or die. He lost 35 pounds very quickly and now – I don’t know because he stopped with the weekly emails. (So I am guessing that either the new wore off and he went back to his old habits or he plans to surprise everyone) More likely guess number 1. Two hundred pounds in one year seems impossible.

    That is until an hour ago. I just finished watching the DVD titled, Fat, sick and nearly Dead, a Joe Cross film. A former truck driver named Phi lost 202 pounds in 10 months and did an unbelievable transformation and he was in his 40’s. I am so inspired by that film that I am going to start my own Juice Fast for 31 days beginning May 1st. I’d start in April except that because of scheduling and road trips I’m worried that I might need to be close to home for the first 10 days. That hasn’t stopped me from getting a juicer though and hosting a juice party today at noon. We made the green juice for 6 people and then fruit smoothies for everyone. I am planning to juice at least 1 meal per day in April and then go hardcore beginning in May. Good luck again!
    Marc recently posted..6th Video weigh-inMy Profile

  4. I tried doing the 1500/day and would never lose any weight those weeks, when i hit 1750-2000 I tend to drop 3-4 week.
    Will recently posted..What’s New?My Profile

  5. and I’m ready anytime, got a PF membership this afternoon
    Will recently posted..What’s New?My Profile


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