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Wow, this all seems foreign to me. Where have I been? Have you still been losing the weight? What happened?

These are all valid questions and I will answer them best I can and then get into some positive new news.

I’ve been around and quite. I was in the thick of things as far as #NSNG and was rocking when I took a nose dive when my job changed and log hours and bad habits creeped back in on me. Along with the stress came a layoff and that sparked another dive. So quick answer, I’ve not been losing weight. In fact I’ve gained all my hard work back and some. I haven’t been at the gym and I’ve been killing myself again with the food and choices I’ve been making.

Now comes some positive news. I’ve landed prob the best job I could have asked for. 2 months in I got promoted and it really feels like a family and home. Homelife is good as well. I’m really enjoying life at the moment with the exception of my health. I recently had some nerve damage in my left leg that all I can compare it to is imagine your thigh being asleep and tingling for 24 hours. This has died down and same as always the doctor advised me to lose weight.

Now comes present right now at this moment. I was approached by the company Personal Trainer Food to join their RECON program. Link in my sidebar. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. A program with all ready prepared food that is #NSNG approved. I’ve checked the meal plan and it rocks! Food I like and they take the guess work out of making the food. I’m an on the fly kind of guy and this program matches that lifestyle. I’m ecstatic with the partnership with Personal Trainer Food and will be documenting my journey on their program and providing updates. Please check them out and if interested they’re giving all my readers a 75$ discount on the program for the whole month of January. So stay tuned for updates.

I’ve also spoken with Vinnie & Anna again and that Podcast should be up in a few days and I’m back to blogging again. All very good things. It does feel good to be back. Gear Giveaway Gear Giveaway

Now on to some goodies. I want to giveaway a a few Gear shirts to some of my loyal readers And its as easy and leaving a comment on this post. Even if you’re a new addition to my blog everyone is included. On Monday night I’ll post a few winners. I’m also giving away a few shirts on my Periscope as well @ Around 2PM today EST so stay tuned to that as it;s right around the corner.

Thank you all for your continued support and let’s make this a year to remember.

About Jess Perreca Jr

is a professional health, weight loss & fitness blogger on a weight loss journey to lose over 300lbs on no sugar no grains.


  1. This is only a test

  2. Brilliant to have you back blogging again. I only started following after you’d taken a break but it’s good to get your real time input now. Been on a similar journey myself, crazy what life throws at you and how easy it is to fall back into bad habits. Contactbents apart but allies in the same battle. I got your back man, and like you said to me recently “WE GOT THIS”!

  3. Great to have you back. Been few a few trials myself this year. So easy to drop back into bad ways. I’ve also put back on more than I lost. Continents apart but allies in the same battle. I got your back man and like you said to me recently “WE GOT THIS!”

  4. Great to hear you’re back, man! I’ve just gotten back myself. 🙂

  5. Maria Worbetz says:

    Hi Jess! so glad to see you blogging again…The girls are beautiful! I would love to win one of your shirts! Love the excuse one…take care!

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