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I’ve decided to add a My Poker page to my blog. I’ve taken an invested interest in Poker. (Texas Hold’em to be exact) The strategy behind the game fits me pretty well. I’ve dabbled in a few home games and local poker card rooms in some Tourney’s and Cash games. I’ve still got a lot to learn but feel I’m a pretty good player normally finishing in the top 10 and have won a few. I’m looking to start playing a lot more and see where it takes me. Maybe one day you’ll see me on TV…lol This page is mainly for updates with my time on the felt and any other updates to my game.

I had the opportunity to play in the colossus in Vegas at the World Series Of Poker and had a blast with my buddy Double Rob. If it works out I’d love to go back again sometime. Below is a few pics of me at the event and my chip stack. I played poker from 7pm to almost 4am the first night and almost made it to the 2nd dat. This tournament made history as being the largest ever. There was over 20,000 people who played and although I didn’t cash I held my own and beat out a lot of people and even some pros who feel before me. It was definitely an item to cross off the bucket list.

My Poker Page Colossus poker World Series of Poker: Table 208 209 210 - 2M3D &emdash; 2M3D-DSC_0007

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