It Sure Feels Good (NSV)

The image & post title says it all. I know it’s only been a week but…..

At work today someone made me feel really good about myself. A Tech Support call led to her saying “I say you down the hall earlier and I just want to know what your doing”

I asked her what she meant. Honestly I was dumb and slow

She responded with

“I can tell your doing something”

It took me as a surprise. I wish I would have taken measurements when I started a week ago. I wonder if my body is already changing from 1 going into 2 hard weeks of working out.

Whatever the case. It really made me feel good. It’s the small things like a compliment from someone that makes you want to continue. Hearing that made me want to accomplish this journey even more.

I have to admit it put a little more pep in my step the rest of the day that will push me through the rest of the week and on and on

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