• Lose my first 100 pounds
  • Huge  1st milestone goal to get to 399lbs
  • Reach my 2nd milestone goal of 200 pounds lost
  • Wear a suit
  • Get into a 3X T-Shirt (currently 6X)
  • Fit in chairs with arms comfortably
  • Fit in a restaurant booth
  • Strengthen my back
  • Play some sort of organized baseball/softball again
  • Be able to walk into a clothing store other than Big & Tall/Casual Male and shop or not have to  shop A catalog
  • Have no more swelling/edema in my legs & ankles
  • Get off any medications that I’m currently on
  • Walk up three flight of stairs and not lose my breath
  • Reach over 1 million people on my blog to tell my story
  • Get off the ground or couch with no struggles
  • Not have to use a seat-belt extender
  • Go to a concert or sporting event and sit comfortably in the chairs
  • Go back to Cedar Point (amusement park) and not have to worry about fitting on the rides. (it’s been about 15 years since I last gone and used to go every year)
  • film a documentary
  • Write a book about my story

This list is nowhere complete and I will add personal goals along the way. Once achieved, I will strike out the text in the list.

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