Eye On The Prize With One Small Step

I found this video tonight and wanted to share it with you all. I haven’t posted in a while and most times it would be because I was running away from my problems or I was messing up and didn’t want to face the music. But that’s not it at all. In past journey’s of mine I would crumble when things weren’t going right. Instead of trying to understand why I was gaining or why I wasn’t losing or at the current moment why my body is what I will say rejecting me working out as I have had some slow weeks in my weight loss. I’ve learned to still have my eye on the prize with one small step.

Instead of letting what ever is going on break me, I’m learning to find ways to fix and correct it. I’m not gaining weight I’m just not losing as fast as I’d like. It’s somewhat frustrating only because I have so much weight to lose.

I have to be honest though and say that I feel different. I feel lighter. I feel like everything is working, I’m just not losing this huge amount of weight. I mean in the grand scheme of things I did lose close to 30 pounds in a month.

So with another weigh in tomorrow. I just wanted to quickly post this video as a reminder to myself that I’m not going to let it break me like it has so many times in the past. No matter what that scale says tomorrow good or bad, I’ll be right there again the very next week.

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  1. That is an awesome video, man. Thank you for sharing it with us! And you certainly have your head in the right place, fully in the game so to speak. Proud of ya!

  2. Jess, here’s the thing… I know you want to lose quickly, BUT getting discouraged over the speed of your weight loss is a path you’ve been down a few times before. You know where that leads you. This time will pass whether or not you’re working towards your goals. So take it as a gift to learn more about yourself, because as your body changes, so will your mind, and you want those two to be in sync with one another. You’ve got this. Thirty pounds in a month is amazing, and your body is probably just taking time to adjust. Keep your eye on the goal, not on the time passing.

  3. wow- that’s really great progress in a month! I like Jillian’s idea that time will pass & every moment spent on the right path is taking you where you want to go. I think its really important to step back every so often & take a big picture look to see how far you’ve come & what you’ve accomplished. It can be frustrating to get stuck on th day to day, week to week and feel likeyou aren’t getting anywhere, but you ARE really doing awesome, so just take some time to acknowledge that & pat yourself on the back 😉
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  4. Amen!
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