Personal Trainer Food – Week One

Personal Trainer Food - Week One

Personal Trainer Food – Week One

I have to admit. I do very well with structure. I do well with a plan and not when I have to plan in the moment when it comes to food. That’s why I have fallen in love with Personal Trainer Food in just one week. There’s been a lot of times in the past that I’ve thought I found something that would work and I will admit a lot of the times I vanished from the scene of the crime and a lot of the damage was done on my own doing. I couldn’t sustain shakes. I sustained #NSNG (No Sugar No Grains) but found myself in a predicament when my work schedule and routine changed over a year ago when I started The job at Stewart. This however is real food. Real food that I get to eat. Not processed. When this 50lb boxed of food showed up I felt overwhelmed and I thought what did I get myself into. Now I look at it like this is what 28 days of food is supposed to look like. Then I imagined 28 days divided by 7 days divided by 2-3 pizza’s a week and the rest of the days finding something to eat and not only sabotaging myself but also my wife and family. Personal Trainer Food gives me more flexibility than I could have ever hoped for. It has been my routine and it has been my fuel (literary)

Personal Trainer food makes really good food. I think that’s why I’m stoked about this journey. If I didn’t like the food, you all know I would be the first person to tell you. When it comes to my opinion and my review on something they’re my own. I do not sugar coat anything. Class example is that shake thing I was doing. I’m very honest and this company is class act in the only short one week period that make me feel wanted and appreciated and they genuinely want to see me succeed and I want nothing more to succeed with them.

As I mentioned in a earlier post. I’m sticking to my guns and will not show my weight loss till the month has passed and going forward I will be doing monthly weigh ins. I’ve also added a Starting pic from Xmas showing me at the 561lbs mark and will upload progress pics as I see fit.

My wife, work, friends, family are all supportive of this full effort to really preaching my motto. I mean I put it on a t-shirt didn’t I. Life will always give you hurdles and obstacles that you have to maneuver around. Over, under & so on. Instead of crying about it. Do something about it. Get mad. I’m mad, Because all those pains and issues should be the reason not the excuse for why you’re doing what you do.

I ask that all of you really follow me on this one. Check in with me. Ask me how I’m doing. My mind is good now. As I talk about things going forward on this journey, I’m going to get personal with myself.

A lot of people think that it can be so easy to lose the weight and I think a lot of those people are the ones that never had to face 561lbs in the mirror. I have monsters hidden that no one or only very few even know about. So forgive me if in my posts in the future I bring up some of my past. I’m only doing it to help me and make those around me understand what it’s truly like being me. I’ll let you step in my shoes but you’ll never fill them.

I’m Officially A Polar Ambassador

Polar Ambassador So I got the news last night in my inbox that I’m officially a Polar Ambassador. I’m ecstatic that my hard work is paying off and people are starting to take notice. This is also huge news for my blog readers as it allows me to interact with all of you to bring you the latest and greatest news about the Polar Brand and new product line. It also gives me the opportunity to do giveaways of Polar Products.

I have to be honest that until recently when I decided to buy a heart rate monitor, I had no clue just how much it would increase my productivity in the gym. I make a game out of it now with my workouts and always pushing myself to get better numbers with my Polar Loop or to see my progress advance on the Polar Flow website.

Being a Polar Ambassador is a big deal for me. It’s me representing a company that I love and trust. I mean they’re very close to my heart…(See what I did there?)

I can’t wait for more big news to share with you all. Stay tuned for a few different giveaways…

Body By Vi Shake, What’s Really In It?

For those of you that found this page and currently asking for answers or currently using the product, do you know exactly what it is that you’re drinking in a Body By Vi Shake? You’d be amazed what you might find after doing a little homework.  I hope you found this page because you were concerned. Please watch the video below.

I’ve been talking  about posting my opinion on Body By Vi Shakes & what nutrition is really in a Body By Vi Shake for a long time but never have. This is my opinion and that’s exactly what it is an opinion. I’m not calling the company out. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a nutritionist. I just know how to read and I know how to say how I feel about it after being someone who has tried and gone through the experience.

body by vi shake

Comments are turned on for both the YouTube video and below. However they’re being moderated on both. Basing of myself will not be tolerated. This is not about me but about the product.

referenced information


Lbs. The Movie Review

6257305107_8bedd2ca86I’ve never been so involved in a movie. What I mean by that is, I’ve never embraced a movie like I have the Lbs. Movie. This movie hits home in a lot of areas for me. From Food Addiction to Binge Eating to overall connection with the main character Carmine Famiglietti who wrote the story for the film.


Carmine who plays the character of Neil actually wrote the story of this movies based on saving his life and losing the weight while onset of the film which took over 2 years to film. We went from over 300lbs and losing over 100+ in the 2 years of filming.


Although the Movie came out in 2004 I got wind of it from Netflix. It’s a micro budget film and I have to admit although the acting isn’t the best the message behind the film and the connection I had with it totally throws it out the window for me. I also believe that the film may not be for everyone. But for those that have dealt with food addiction or binge eating will easily relate to this film, while others who want to understand should watch this film to get an idea of what it’s like to be more or anyone that suffers with these behaviors.


The story is about an overweight man that suffers a heart attack a couple of days before his sister’s wedding, when the wedding of her dreams turns into the backyard screw up two months later due to his heart attack he finds himself being attacked by his sister’s fiancé about how all he cares about it food and exposes him in front of the whole family. Neil (main character) them moves out of the city and into the country to try and shed the pounds with his childhood friend who battles a drug addiction. After a difficult confrontation between the two, Neil’s friend leaves and Neil has to face the mission on his own. After about a year in isolation Neil finds himself learning how to compromise and survive in his new lifestyle. After returning back home he realizes that although he’s changed not everyone around him has and that leads to the not so Hollywood happy ending that everyone would think.


This is truly a funny, touching, inspirational film. Below is the trailer.

At 27-years-old, Neil Perota lives at home with his parents in Brooklyn, works for his father driving a school bus and weighs over 300 pounds. Just two days before his sister’s wedding, he suffers a heart attack, creating family chaos and forcing Neil to re-evaluate his life. The next day, he heads upstate and buys a dilapidated trailer in the middle of nowhere with plans to kick his addiction to food in isolation. Two hundred miles from the comforts of home, Neil learns how to compromise, love, and survive – and that change – real change – comes from within.



IMG_0724I was so inspired by this film that I bought the Autographed DVD as a reminder that I too can beat this addiction. This film has inspired me to dedicate my life to beating this. If you have a Netflix account I recommend you watch it. If you live near me and want to come and watch it with me, I’ll watch this thing 50 times.


This truly has become my new favorite movie. Here is a page that has a lot of info and links about the Movie lbs.



Get it Poppin…A Popchips Giveaway

That’s right folks. TooBIG & PoPchips are giving away a free box of their tortilla popchips. Last year Fitbloggin introduce all of us to the potato version of PoPchips. I was lucky enough to give away a box to one lucky winner last year and also review a box of my own.


Same thing this year. I absolutely love the product line of PoPchips. Potato and Tortilla. I have to admit My favs are the Ranch Tortilla and the Sweet Potato in the Potato product line.

These are not your ordinary chip. Why? Their heated up till they pop….hence the name PoPchips. There not baked or fired. Their healthy at about 100 cals a bag some are a little more. But the portion size is just right and doesn’t get ya in trouble. Let’s just say that I’d love to work for these guys cause I support them and their product. Yes I would feed PoPchips to Katy Perry…lol

below is the flavors of the Tortilla line and what will come in the assortment box for one lucky winner.

Nacho Cheese



Chili Limon

So take a look below on how to get your hands on a free box just by entering the contest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Hey All,

Just a quick check in. The family and my mom were up in Frankenmuth, MI this weekend for the snow fest and to take advantage of our perks club benefits that gives us a free famous chicken dinner for the month of our birthday.  Check out some of the snow sculptures on display. The detail is just amazing. I’ve seen this done with ice but this was my first time seeing snow done up like this











Now the Main reason why you’re all here. BTB Sunglasses giveaway.  I’m gonna make this real simple. I got these sunglasses to review some time back and I’ve been procrastinating a review because I like them so much. But with every review requires that I do a little bit of homework.

This is a class company that really puts their name behind their product. So much so that they’ve also put their reputation on the line releasing a video like the one below. I won’t explain just watch.

That’s right bullet proof glasses. The glasses that I was able to review and will be giving away are the BTB 810’s Sport Optic Micro-fiber glass with pouch included. These things rock and I’m not one to wear sunglasses. One because I have bad eyes to begin with but mainly I have a lager face/head and I just can’t find a good pair that fit me well. I had no issues with these as they’re made for a larger frame face. The other added bonus was they don’t fog up either.

I may just have to get in touch with them about script sunglasses and I’d be all set.  I highly recommend these glasses and would love for you to check out their site.

If you’d like a chance to win the below pair, here is all you have to do. Leave a comment below telling me why you would like the pair of glasses and Friday night the 3rd of February I will have my wife Amy pick the best response and ship you out the pair.  Good Luck.






DISCLOSURE: BTB provided their product for review at no cost to me. As always, all opinions are honest, and strictly my own. For full Disclosure policy, click here.

Upcoming Posts on

Hey all,

I wanted to check in real quick and give you all an update on what’s coming up on the site.

First of all I’ve got some reviews and giveaways coming from the following

New Balance

Perky Jerky

BTB Glasses

Eat Smart

Also starting a new program that I will be blogging and vlogging my progress on you can check it out at the following site below. I’ve honestly never felt so good about a program working for me then this one.

Becoming a Rebel

Got some blog posts coming up as well

Gonna Live blog from the casting call in Detroit for EMWLE  (figure if they didn’t like my video for season 2 they need to see me in person)

A Letter to My Dad (get your tissues) It’ll be 4 years since his passing on the 5th of February

So with this all being said, I’m going to be keeping myself and the blog busy. I figure if I keep and continue blogging it will keep me more motivated and accountable

I just want to thank all my followers/readers you mean a lot to me and sometimes I don’t say enough how you all help in this battle and journey.



Activia Selects Review/Giveaway

So I’ll be honest, I’m not a real big fan of yogurt.  Mainly because I don’t like the texture and the flavors are not my cup of tea.  (I really don’t even like a cup of tea)  But I gave it a go and decided to try them.

I first need to say that when thinking about Activia an instant image comes to my head of when I believe SNL did a skit about it imitating Jamie Lee Curtis and how she well um just watch.  The fact is that if your filling your body with good probioticis then this issue shouldn’t happen at all.  The body will naturally adjust.  I can’t say this happed after just two servings of Activia Selects but after a true course of time I do believe it will make you regular.

Ok now on to the yogurts.  They tasted pretty good and like I said I’m not a big fan.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I liked them and you’re a yogurt lover/fan then you’ll definitely enjoy them and I would recommend you give them a try.  I’m leaning more towards the French then the Greek one.  Like I said that may be my texture thing kicking in.

So what that being said as I was provided these products free of charge for a review I would defiantly recommend them although I would not buy them for myself.



1. Tweet this message about the giveaway

“Win an Activia Selects tote and lunchbox from @TooBIG from  5 Lucky Winners! Enter here:”

2. For a second entry, Please subscribe to my YouTube channel (optional but does give you more chances)

3. Come back and comment on this post telling me what’s your favorite yogurt

Make sure to comment below as this will be your true entry.

At the end of the day on Friday I will use and 5 lucky winners will be announced Sat Morning Sept 3rd.

Disclaimer: Activia sent me yogurt to review free of charge. I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are my own.

Ready to get my colon cleansed, I mean eat some Activia Yogurt

Disclaimer:  Activia Selects French & Greek Yogurts may not cleanse the colon, but they will get you on the right track with your digestive tract

All Jokes aside

So I have been approached to do a review/giveaway of Activia Selects.  A French and a Greek.  But that’s not all I also have coupons to share for FREE YOGURT.  But it gets even better.  When I post my review here in a few days I also will be giving away 5 free Activia Gift Bags.  So stay tuned and in the meantime, please click on product below and pick up your free coupon.


disclosure as always: I received samples of these products in order to try them out and share my thoughts on them. All opinions are my own.

Popchips Giveaway Winner

Ok here it is………And a BIG Thanks to Popchips

Actual case may vary

Well first I want to say that I used to generate the winner.  There qwere 8 of you that entered correctly and I just went down the comment list 1-8 the lucky winner is #6 (goodbyefatgirl)


I want to try Popchips really bad but there are no supermarkets in my area that carry them yet.  To enter, I did both the Twitter & FB options 🙂

Thank you all who particpated.  There’s going to be some more great giveaways coming up.  Stay tuned to tomorrow post.  it’s going to be a good one.

goodbyefatgirl, Please email me your contact info