Podcast Success

Hello everyone. The Podcast Success I’m having, I have to be honest and say that the Podcast is getting a lot of traction in the Podcast world. People are really taking notice and I couldn’t be happier. It’s actually reaching people as I intended it to. Below is a couple of pictures of my rankings on iTunes and being featured in the New & Noteworthy Sections in 3 categories. I’ve also included an interview that I have done with Podcastersrock.com and I have to say that the founder Dana is a great guy. I really enjoyed talking with him. Check it out.

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The Fat Father Chronicles Podcast

The Fat Father Chronicles PodcastWell everyone. I did it. I hurdled my fear and have started my podcast. The Fat Father Chronicles Podcast. It’s official. The response has been great. The podcast is getting some traction and listeners are taking a liking. I’m climbing up the ranks in the new and noteworthy section and hoping I can land in the top page up New and Noteworthy which is a huge goal of mine. I can’t thank you enough if you left a review and if not please follow the links below to leave one for me as it really helps me and the podcast get reached to many different people and that is my ultimate goal. The Fat Father Chronicles is my outlet and is the driving force behind my journey. I really want this to succeed but without all of you and hard work from me it will fail. So if you’re reading this, please take a few minutes to write a review for me. If you have iTunes, please leave the rating and review there. Not an Apple or iTunes fan…I totally understand and if you could leave your review on Stitcher that would be awesome. Thanks again everyone for your support.

toobig.net/itunes click here to leave a review on iTunes

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Signed On With RPM Networks Maker Studios

rpm networks maker studiosHey all, Taking the weekend off from posting and doing a video this week. I’ll catch up next week with you all. super busy and things are jumping with my me & my youtube channel.

To fill you all in a bit. I have signed a one year contract with RPM Networks Maker Studios. Yeah the Guys that bring you all the videos from ShayCarl, Kassem G, Lisa Nova, HimRawn,

Those are just some of my favs. I’m small peanuts and not even on the same block, let alone neighborhood as those guys but they did see something in my as far as the weight loss community goes and want to help me reach more people on my journey.

So check out RPM network & Maker Studios rpm networks maker studios

This means a lot better content from my channel, better branding of the channel and better overall quality.

I’m also going to be getting myself back in the gym full-time and kicking some major ass and hope to bring the camera with me to show you all of it.

This blog may switch to mostly videos but from time to time I’ll also be posting content. I’m serious about documenting this journey everyone.

Only good things to come. Stay tuned. Go Subscribe to my Channel.

Follow Up Interview on the Vinnie Tortorich Podcast

vinnie_podcast_cover_282As some of you may know, I’ve been a guest a few times on the Vinnie Tortorich Podcast with Vinnie & Anna. Back more than 6 months ago when I was in pretty hard core into WW I had a discussion with them about my weight loss. It was like bull shitting with everyday people but a little more intimate than most. Click here to listen to first interview.

I was completely honest with them and wanted them to really know what I was about. It has since been told to me that my first interview was one of the most liked interviews on the show. I’ve even got mentions from Howie Mandel who Vinnie trains and Dean Lorey following my progress.

I’ve also gotten countless praises and encouragement from the shows community that I just want to personally thank right here and I hope you all are still following along on this journey. I also can’t thank Anna & Vinnie enough for their support and genuine care for me and getting me to a healthy weight.

About a week ago I had a very personal interview with both Vinnie & Anna. It was mainly about my food addiction & binge eating disorder and where I’m at now. Please take a listen and also please follow Vinnie & Anna’s show podcast found here. Below is the link to the interview.

Click here for most recent interview

Southwest Airlines “Customer of Size” Policy

So I was on the Vinnie Tortorich show again and the topic of Southwest came up and because I support my friend Kenlie Tiggeman, I had to chime in.

Click here to listen: They call me at about [25:00] minutes in.

Vinnie talks about all things cougar.  Will dairy keep you from losing weight?  A follow-up with Jess Perreca of TooBig.net.  Rowdy discussion of Southwest Airlines’ new weight policy and Kenlie Tiggeman’s site All The Weigh.



TooBIG Talks with America’s Angriest Trainer Vinnie Tortorich

So one night when I was checking out Airtime. I came across World’s Greatest Mommy blogger Jessica Goittlieb and had a wonderful conversation that like most lead to my weight and my blog here. She was very encouraging and wanted to help and follow my journey. She spoke about me with Vinnie Tortorich a well know Celebrity Personal Trainer and he instantly wanted to help my journey.

Vinnie does weekly podcast and asked that I come on his show. I accepted and here is the full interview.

America’s Angriest Trainer Episode 18 Click to play Podcast

Vinnie and Anna interview Jess Perreca of TooBig.net.  Jess talks candidly about his struggle with being morbidly obese, Vinnie gives Jess the hard truth.  An inspirational interview you won’t want to miss.  Another shout out to Gary Taubes and “Why We’re Fat and What To Do About It.”


I just want to thank Jessica, Vinnie & Anna Vocino, Vinnie’s partner on the podcasts for their support and welcoming me onto the show. Make sure you check out her Gluten free Anna Blog

You can also subscribe or listen to the interview on iTunes

Photo credit @vinnietortorich.com