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Just a quick check in. The family and my mom were up in Frankenmuth, MI this weekend for the snow fest and to take advantage of our perks club benefits that gives us a free famous chicken dinner for the month of our birthday.  Check out some of the snow sculptures on display. The detail is just amazing. I’ve seen this done with ice but this was my first time seeing snow done up like this











Now the Main reason why you’re all here. BTB Sunglasses giveaway.  I’m gonna make this real simple. I got these sunglasses to review some time back and I’ve been procrastinating a review because I like them so much. But with every review requires that I do a little bit of homework.

This is a class company that really puts their name behind their product. So much so that they’ve also put their reputation on the line releasing a video like the one below. I won’t explain just watch.

That’s right bullet proof glasses. The glasses that I was able to review and will be giving away are the BTB 810’s Sport Optic Micro-fiber glass with pouch included. These things rock and I’m not one to wear sunglasses. One because I have bad eyes to begin with but mainly I have a lager face/head and I just can’t find a good pair that fit me well. I had no issues with these as they’re made for a larger frame face. The other added bonus was they don’t fog up either.

I may just have to get in touch with them about script sunglasses and I’d be all set.  I highly recommend these glasses and would love for you to check out their site.

If you’d like a chance to win the below pair, here is all you have to do. Leave a comment below telling me why you would like the pair of glasses and Friday night the 3rd of February I will have my wife Amy pick the best response and ship you out the pair.  Good Luck.






DISCLOSURE: BTB provided their product for review at no cost to me. As always, all opinions are honest, and strictly my own. For full Disclosure policy, click here.

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  1. I would like these because I would look so bad ass with them on. :p
    Molly Nitka recently posted..W.I.D.T.H. (One of the many reasons)My Profile

  2. These glasses should only go to a fellow big guy, or big girl that’ll look absolutely bad ass in them.

    I am that big guy. I would even be willing to regrow my ‘fumanchu mustache to help complete my bad ass look.

    But honestly probably won’t need it…. and I’ll happily send you some bad ass pictures if I win 🙂


  3. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worried about penetration in my eye sockets, or around my eye sockets, so just like the guy in that video, I would feel SO MUCH safer with these glasses. I’d feel safer at the firing range, when I’m robbing banks, and when I’m shooting my pistols into the ground at my feet, like Yosemite Sam. So, Jess’s wife, pick me, because just like we learned in school: SAFETY FIRST!

  4. Because the black sunglasses will make my face look slimmer and getting old ain’t easy.

  5. I’m like you Jess, not much of a sunglasses guy, but i’ve worn them more since driving 45 minutes to and from work, some days you just can’t avoid the sunlight. just wanted to say good luck at the tryout tomorrow, glad you got that pass bro.

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